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Max’s Recovery…

on January 19, 2015


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!
As most of you may know, my little yorkie Max, has surgery last week to repair the ACL he tore in his left knee. This is a picture of him taken on Saturday just inside the doorway of my inside craft room.
He seems to be doing well as of this morning…But time will tell as the day goes on as I just removed his pain patch and I am a bit concerned how that will affect him. I have a collar I am suppost to put on him if he licks or bites at his incision and that has also been a challenge. We begin his physical therapy on Thursday and that will continue for 90 days. A long process but something that he needs. All because he was excited to see him Mommy and jumped off the bed that was to high for him…
I know this has nothing to do with Paper Beading but he is my little guy and spends a great deal of time with me where ever I am crafting! Until next time, Happy Beading!

6 responses to “Max’s Recovery…

  1. I hope Max is doing well and recovers from his surgery soon!

  2. Poor puppy. I truly hope that he recovers quickly. My baby (a pit bull) is also having problems. He has an enlarged prostate and so we have him on medication for now. I know how it feels since they are also part of the family.

    • Yes, Max is definitely the “boy” I never had! He does seem to be getting better each day! I will keep your little guy in my prayers…So hard when they’re going thru pain and can’t tell us about it.

  3. valleerose57 says:

    Hope he is doing OK

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