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Happy Almost Summer!

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the warmer weather! Summer is almost here and I am looking forward to a busy season!

As most of you may know, I’ve recently had carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands. So needless to say, beading came to a screeching hault! It’s been about 2 weeks now and I just picked up a beading tool last night to see if I could handle it, as I am still having a challenging time with twisting and turning. It felt really good to be able to bead again but I know I just won’t be doing it as often as I am use to until I am a little more healed!

What I am really having alot of fun with is hand-colored beads as those shown above! Extremely time consuming but the process is really helping me to keep my stress levels calm! I am enjoying it alot! I am also now offering hand colored paper for your own bead making, that comes cut in the sizes listed at no extra cost! Please stop by and check the papers and beads at If there are specific colors you would like for your hand-colored paper or beads, just let me know!

The art of paper beading on Etsy has become very saturated and I am just trying to stay in the game and continue to offer my customers the very best in quality and supplies. THANK YOU for your continued support of my small business!

Until next time, Happy Beading!

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