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What a surprise when I got up this morning to check my emails and found one from

Enchanted Rose Product! She has a beautiful selection of handmade items ranging from soaps to jewelry, you name it!

She has a wonderful fun blog and guess who she featured? You got it! The Paper Bead Boutique! I was so excited and so appreciative of the extra exposure! Stop by and check it out, won’t you? And while you’re there, check out her beautiful Etsy Shop!




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You’ve Asked For It and I’ve Listened!

Paper Bead Strips are coming to The Paper Bead Boutique!

So many of you have asked if I will ever sell just the paper strips in my shop… Well the time has come! As I put together my paper beading kits, I’ve asked myself “Why Not?” Why not offer just the strips, for those perhaps already using a tool or maybe not wanting to invest in a paper cutter to cut the strips themselves, paper strips will now be offered! I will offer a variety of sizes and colors for a varied selection of bead shapes and colors! What colors would you like to see? Do you have a favorite? Drop me a line and let me know! In the mean time, I have some cutting to do! Be looking for the paper strips to hit my shop sometime this week!

Until then, Happy Beading!

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My New Paper Findings!

Well if you’re not already aware of this, Hobby Lobby is one of favorite stores to seek out new paper designs! They have such a wide variety, colors and textures! So much of it seems to change seasonally or at least from my perspective!

Yesterday, my daughter Caitlyn and I were out running errands and headed up to the Hobby Lobby to check out their paper selection! We found so any new designs that I can’t wait to work with!  Here is my new selection! What do you think? A couple for fall and for Christmas as well as a few everyday designs!

Don’t forget, you can custom order beads from my Etsy shop at Image

Be looking for some new paper beads to be unveiled soon! Until then, Happy Beading!

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Taking My Studio Time Outside!


Well here I am, on a beautiful day, enjoying my studio time outdoors! The clouds cleared and it’s been in the mid 70’s today so I grabbed my “anywhere” tray and my necessary supplies I needed (paper strips, bead roller, mod podge, gloves and paintbrush) to do my paper beading outside! So nice to have a side deck just for days like this! Hard to see the colors here in these beads! One is in greens, blues & white (beachy colors) and the other is a beautiful mosaic looking color combo! They will be beautiful when complete! Be looking for them in my Etsy shop at! Until next time, Happy Beading!

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From My Studio Today…

It’s a bit overcast this morning here in the Seattle area but I won’t let that get me down! I have big plans to have some “Me” time in the my studio today!  It’s suppost to be beautiful and sunny as the morning moves on so I plan to take my beading outside!

I have a great outside entrance to my studio with a small deck at the doorway. I’ve put a patio table and chairs out there for days just like this! I want to craft but don’t want to be inside, so I will set up my tray and bring it on outside to my deck and bead away! I will post a pic a bit later on when the weather changes and chores are done!

So what are your crafty plans today? What projects do you have planned? It’s hard to be inside when we have nice weather here because there seems to be so little of it, why waste it inside, right? I’d love to here about your project plans today! Can you take your space outside to work?

Let’s meet up later on today and I will share my outside studio photo’s with you! Have a great Saturday and Happy Beading!

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In My Studio Today…

Sometimes I run into road blocks, don’t you? Trying to come up with new designs in both color and style can be challenging. Currently, I am working on a bead design with a paper I found while vacationing with my family on the Washington Coast! There’s a small scrapbooking/printing shop in Ocean Shores, Washington that I like to stop in whenever we’re in town and see what’s new and exciting!

I found this paper and fell in love with it! It’s bright color I knew would be beautiful once cut and rolled and I believe I was right! I am in the process of rolling the beads now and will post a picture when they are all complete later in the week! Until then, Happy Beading!Image

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The Paper Bead Boutique is Back!

The Paper Bead Boutique is Back and Better Than Ever!

Well after many frustrating tries with another blog hosting site, I’ve changed again and here I am on Word press and better than ever!

Maybe it’s the operator, do you think? I want to be able to share my love of paper beading with all of you and I am having a heck of a time doing so! I think I may have it now…I’ll give it my best shot!

Stick around, won’t you? Follow me for weekly updates on what’s new with The Paper Bead Boutique! Don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop and check out my latest listings at!

The Paper Bead Boutique Blog is back and better than ever!

The Paper Bead Boutique Blog is back and better than ever!