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Tracy T. is wearing jewelry this morning made by The Paper Bead Boutique!

DSC09652So excited to share with you all that one of our local news gals (she does the traffic) Tracy T. on King 5 in Seattle is wearing a piece of jewelry made by The Paper Bead Boutique!!! I’ve been in contact with her after we followed each other on Twitter and asked if she would ever wear paper jewelry…She was very open to seeing what I had so I made a special necklace just for her as well as a bracelet listed in my shop (I wasn’t thinking and didn’t snap a photo of the necklace before shipping but the colors were the same as this bracelet I sent!) I shipped them to the television station! We watch this news station each morning before we head out so as I turned the tv on today, I was THRILLED to see she was wearing my piece! She said they weren’t allowed to do mentions  but that’s ok… I know where she got it! It made my day!

Until next time, Happy Beading!


A Quick Walk Through of my Outside Studio!

Good Afternoon Paper Beading Friends!
It’s been such a beautiful weekend and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to spend some time in my outside studio, I wanted to share some pictures with you! Keep in mind, it still is a canvas in the making! As the weather get’s nicer, I will be spending more time out there and will be able to add more to it!

This weekend, I’ve spent a great deal of time working on my paper bead curtain strands! VERY TIME CONSUMING!
Here is what I’ve gotten done on that so far:



This next one is a view at the front door looking in!


Various views from around the room, which is only 10×14 feet!




So that’s it in a nutshell! I found an old rocking chair in a thrift store and a cute little plant bench in an antique store, both for the front porch which I am working on and will have a new picture for you in a week or two!
Have fun where ever you get to create! Until next time, Happy Beading!


February Special!!!


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends! Been down this weekend with a bit of a bug but feeling a little better so I wanted to write you and share a promotion I’ve been considering for awhile!
During the month of February, when you order 3 paper bead lots from, you will receive one paper bead lot for FREE! That’s right, FREE! A couple rules though…The free bead lot you choose must be of equal or lesser value than those purchased in your order. When ordering, DO NOT list free beads with your order otherwise, you will be charged for it…Please list it in your notes to seller. Sound simple? it is!
So if you’ve been thinking about giving paper beads a try, now is a good time! You’ll be hooked once you see the beauty and time that goes into making paper beads! Until next time, Happy Beading and Happy Creating!


Let’s Try This Again…

I’ve taken the Facebook plunge! Hello Paper Bead Friends!
After a long period of denial as to why I shouldn’t join Facebook (mainly the drama) I’ve decided to dive in and join! So many people have suggested I do for business reasons! For the exposure, etc. So here I am!
A novice at best, bare with me as I stumble my way through the learning process! Any Facebook tips? I could sure use them! Here’s the link to my page for The Paper Bead Boutique! Stop by and check it out!
Until next time, Happy Beading!

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