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What Works for You in Small Business?

on January 25, 2015

Good Evening Paper Bead Friends! Hope you are all having a great start to your weekend! Caitlyn and I went paper shopping today and was thrilled to find some great new paper for my beads! Be looking for those in my Etsy shop soon!
What I have on my mind lately is “Small Business”! I am still reflecting on last year and what I want to do differently. I know that for me, social media plays a bit part in marketing since I don’t have a lot of extra dollars to spend on advertising…
So what works for you? What type of small business do you have and what business tips can you pass along to help me and others better our online small businesses? Since I do still work outside the home, my time is limited for my small business as I am trying to juggle my job, my Etsy shop and most importantly, my Family!
I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’d love to give them a try and pass them along to others! Don’t be afraid to leave me a comment or stop by and let me know what you think…
Until next time, Happy Beading!

4 responses to “What Works for You in Small Business?

  1. carmen012 says:

    Hi Shannon, I was thinking about you this afternoon when I came across this gal’s you tube channel.

    She has some really great Etsy advice.

    I hope it helps.

  2. valleerose57 says:

    Family – that I get – love your blog

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