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My next donation in the making!


Good Evening Paper Bead Friends!

Well as you see I’ve been busy! I got so much personal joy out of making my last donation of paper bead bracelets, I went home right away and began making the beads to my 2nd local donation, which will go to the Multi Care Clinic in Covington! So here is what I’ll be doing this weekend!!! How about you? What amazing paper bead projects do you have planned this weekend?

Until next time, Happy Beading!


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Paying it Forward with a Donation!

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!
I am proud to say I have finished my first batch of paper bead bracelets for our Valley Breast Center! They turned out so beautiful and I can’t wait to make the delivery! I got the idea when I went in last weekend to get my annual mammogram. It also happened to be the anniversary of my sister’s passing and if you’ve read the “about me” section at, you’ll know my paper beading stemmed with my sister’s illness. So, heading to my appt., I had my sister Mindy on my mind and I thought “How nice would it be to make a donation in her honor”! I’ve often seen little baskets of things people have donated in the dressing rooms, things like bookmarks, quotes, etc. that you are welcome to take if you or a loved one has been touched by cancer. So I asked when I was in that day. She took my card and passed it on to the office manager. I spoke to her this week and was told they’d love my donation! I was so excited and felt honored to be able to do this special project! I will drop them off this week! I know Mindy would be so proud!
I challenge any of my followers to pay it forward by making a local donation! You get such a good feeling in your heart and an even better feeling knowing you’ve touched the life of someone else!
Until next time, Happy Beading!
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Look What’s New and Coming to The Paper Bead Boutique!

I am so excited to be bringing you something brand new to The Paper Bead Boutique! I have played around with coiled paper in the past and even have a couple pieces in my shop but because of the amount of time it takes, I never gave much thought to the idea of introducing coiled paper beads into my line! My that has changed and my newest addition is being introduced to you, here first! I will have paper beads, sold in sets of 12 and I will also offer pendants! So time consuming but so much fun for me to do! Be looking for them and additional coiled paper items at!

Until next time, Happy Beading!


Happy New Year!

Hope you all are having a great start to the new year! As I have taken time today to reflect on the previous year and what changes I’d like to make, I wanted to take a minute to thank all of my loyal subscribers! Without you, there wouldn’t be a point to this blog! I am dedicated to put more time and effort into regularly posting for the new year as that’s one thing I don’t take much time for!

I would like to also take a minute and send out a special Thank You to my online Etsy Team (The Potti Team) Captain, Jesse for making this beautiful rosary for me! I sent him some paper beads I made before the holidays and received this in return a couple days ago! I can’t tell you how much it means to me! Please stop by his shop and check out some of the beautiful rosaries he makes – ! Along with beautiful rosaries, he has a great collection of Vintage treasures!


The copper looks amazing with these beads! Such a nice piece!

Until next time, Happy Beading!



Black Friday Weekend Special!


Hello to all my Paper Bead Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy time today with your family and friends! I am not one for heading out on Thanksgiving night or even Black Friday to shop…However, I am having one heck of a good sale in my Etsy shop now thru Monday in honor of Black Friday , thru the weekend and Cyber Monday!

Save 15% on anything in my store using code BLACKFRIDAY15, no minimums and no limits! First come, first serve and limited to stock on hand! I’m sorry, special orders are excluded in this sale!

Stop by and stock up! NOW is the time to order for all those Christmas projects you have in mind! I have some beautiful paper bead jewelry or if you’re in the market for a little project? Why not try one of my paper beading kits! Perfect for the crafter on your list! The link is!

Know a friend that might be interested? I’d be grateful if you passed this post along!

Until next time friends, Happy Beading!



Our First Big Storm Damage!

DSC00209DSC00210DSC00211Hello Paper Beading Friends!

We’re already having a crazy storm season here in the Pacific Northwest! As you can see, we had our first ever tree fall on my new studio! I was so upset when I drove into the driveway and saw this! I immediately stopped the car and sat there and cried!

Once I calmed down and realized that it wasn’t all about me and I needed to be thankful that it didn’t fall on our home and that no one was hurt, I called the insurance company, opened a claim and got the ball rolling to get it taken care of!

The appointment is set to have them come out and assess the damage so until then, my last open house of the season is cancelled. I hated to have to do that but I really didn’t have a choice!

Thank goodness I still have my craft room inside of our home to work out of! And that will just give me more motivation to continue doing what I am doing and that is bringing you more colorful and exciting new things from The Paper Bead Boutique!

Until next time, stay safe and have a wonderful Thanksgivng holiday, for those that celebrate! I know I have truly a lot to be thankful for!


Homecoming Bound 2015!


Hello Paper Beading Friends!

Well as you can see, this post has nothing to do with paper beading! However, I did want to share with you pictures of our daughter Caitlyn as she heads off to her Homecoming dance 2015! She was so excited and we were just as excited for her! I would love to show you the pics we took with her and her date however, without his mother’s permission, I can’t do that yet! They enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner and are currently now having a great time at their homecoming event!

Until next time…Thanks for stopping by!


Drumroll Please…


I am proud to say I have FINALLY finished my Paper Bead Curtain! I have been working on this project since last fall, almost a year now! It is on the back of my studio door! I found a magnetic curtain rod that fits perfectly across the top of the window! I’ve chosen to make my paper bead strands in varied lengths for a funkier look! It is so beautiful, I can’t quite put it into words! I am so happy with the finished product, I wanted to share it with all of you! I’d love to know what you think! Leave a comment if you wish! Until next time, Happy Beading!


My Paper Bead Garland has arrived!

Hello Paper Bead Friends!

Happy Friday to You! I am now finished with a new item I’ve mentioned earlier in posts! This weekend, my paper bead garland will be revealed and you get a sneak peek right here! 


This garland has been a time consuming project but I am finally finished and VERY PROUD of how it turned out!  Would love to hear your thoughts! Do you decorate for the seasons? My decorating passion comes from my 26 years working for Hallmark Cards! We’ve always decorated through the years and this year won’t be any different! And with Fall right around the corner, I Cant Wait to pull out my Fall decorations and add something new this year…Paper Bead Garland! If you like this, you’ll be anxious to see my Christmas paper bead garland coming soon! Stop by to get yours, this weekend!

Until next time, Happy Beading!


Coming to The Paper Bead Boutique this Fall!


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends! Happy Saturday to You!

I have something exciting coming to my Etsy shop this Fall!

I’ve decided to bring in some seasonal garland! I’ve been busy this week preparing the beads for my Fall garland and might I be so bold to say they are absolutely beautiful! Done in the prettiest of Fall shades! They have been sealed and are drying as I write this! Above are the strips I’ve been busy cutting all morning to begin rolling my Halloween and Christmas garland beads! The garland strands will be three feet long, perfect for a table top tree or perhaps to decorate a centerpiece on your dining table!

Since things are a bit slow for me right now in the summer, I am busy preparing for the holiday season and you should be too! Check out my selection of fall beads available in my Etsy shop! Other seasonal items will be available mid August, as will my NEW Paper Bead Garland! Please be sure to stop by often as new beads, etc. are added weekly!

Until next time, Happy Beading!

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