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A Sneak Peek…

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe all quarantined at home…

Well wanted to share something super exciting with you! Something I have been doing as I have been trying to stay safe at home , creating a different type of jewelry! No, these are not paper beads!¬†These are seed beads that I have been playing with! I am truly fanatical about beads in general. I love all the color, shapes and sizes they come in! I’ve been a fan of layering for sometime and decided to give it a try! I’ve been having so much fun making these boho seed bead stretch bracelets that I’ve decided to list them in my shop! They will be listed at but under a new tab of Seed Bead Stretch Bracelets! With a boho flair to them, I’ve got several I am working on and plan to debut them this coming Friday, May 8th at 7pm PST!

Please check back for their debut this Friday and read all the juicy details, sizes, price, etc.

Thanks for your continued support! Until next time, Happy Beading!


Ease the Boredom Sale!

Avatar Sale

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Hope you all are faring well with everything going on in our world right now…My area has been hit very hard with the Corona virus and it doesn’t look like there is an end in site. We are doing our very best to stay safe, over washing, keeping our home clean and staying away from crowds in general. Most of you may know but if you don’t, my day job is a preschool teacher so you can imagine how busy my days are! Trying to keep my classroom clean and germ free is challenging with a group of 4 year olds! Not to mention, teaching them the importance of covering their coughs and sneezes! So when I have a quiet weekend to relax and recoup, I like to bead! It really is the only time I have to do so, since I am back working full time! And as many of you may have noticed, I don’t have near the amount of stock in my Etsy shop as I once did…Which makes me sad but I simply am spending every ounce of extra time I have beading and I certainly don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity, so…my new items are limited to weekend work.

I have a full weekend project ahead of me! I’ve had to arrange my in house studio quite quickly yesterday when we had a company come out and clean our air ducts. Here is a few pics of what my project looks like now:

Clearly not a one day project, but a project none the less! It’s always fun for me to go thru and clean things up, perge and reorganize! This is what I will be doing over the next couple of weekends! What are you working on while indoors?

If you are trying to stay indoors, my shop is offering a 25% discount when you spend $25 or more on any current stock in my Etsy shop! Feel free to stop on by and see what you can’t live without!

Until next time, Happy Beading and Stay Safe!



Small Batch Lots Now Available!



Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

First I want to take a minute to wish you all a Merry Christmas! It’s been a tough year at the McCollum residence, with lots of changes! I’m so looking forward to a brand new year with just as many changes! Positive changes!

As I take the time to reflect on my paper bead business and how it has changed and what direction I’d like to see it going, I will be making a few changes through out the new year and one of them is adding smaller batches of beads to my shop!

Over the years, so many have asked for smaller batches of beads. Some of the comments I’ve heard… “I don’t need 50 of these, I only need a handful” or “I’m using these in an art project and only need five”. Well I’ve listened and am now introducing smaller batch bead lots! So today, I will be introducing my first 9 lots of small batch beads and will begin making more so that you all have more choices that are a bit more affordable! My new small batch bead lots will include 15 beads and will sell for $4! Click on my side bar menu titled Small Batch Beads to see the new ones!

Please stop by and check them out! While you’re there, enjoy FREE US SHIPPING with your purchase of $35 or more!

Until next time, Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year’s!

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Cyber Week Sale Going on Now!

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Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

I wanted to take a minute to wish all of my friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are able to spend time with your family and friends on this beautiful day!

When the table is cleared and the company has left, and you are preparing for your Black Friday shopping, Please feel free to stop by for our Cyber Week Sale, now thru December 3rd! Save 20% when you spend $20! Limited to stock on hand and no special orders during sale please!

Until next time , Happy Beading!


Halloween Sale Going on Now!


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Fall is in full swing and with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time for our annual Halloween Sale! Now thru October 31st, you can save 25% when you spend $25 on my entire shop! US residents only, Limited to Stock on Hand and NO Special Orders during Sale! That’s it! Simple huh? Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on your holiday and everyday selections for upcoming projects! Stop by now for the best selection!

Until next time, Happy Beading!


Ready for Fall!


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

As you know, I’ve gone back to work full time so I no longer have a lot of extra time for beading…at least not like I use to! But Wow! I have really been lucky to have found some gorgeous Fall and Halloween papers this season and have been going crazy with it! Stop by and check out what’s new for Fall! Do you make Halloween jewelry? I’ve got numerous new designs to cover all of your Halloween projects!

Fall is my personal favorite season and I’d love to share it with you! So stop by and see what’s new at and save 15% when you spend $15 or more, for one week only!

Until next time, Happy Beading!IMG_2287


Christmas in July Sale!

CIJ 2019 sun

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

It’s been quite awhile since my last post! Not sure if I’ve shared with you that I have gone back to working full time , Monday thru Friday, so my time is so limited now! By the time I get home and get dinner out of the way, late evening chores, I am exhausted! I am not the spring chicken I once was and I feel it! Any extra time during the week is spent preparing for the little minds I engage through out the week! My beading is, for the most part, done on my weekends!

Having said all of that mumbo jumbo, I am trying to prepare for the Fall/Christmas rush and so guess what time it is?


Tomorrow, July 1st thru July 31st, you can save 25% off my entire Etsy shop when you spend $25! Yep! You heard me right! Save 25% off all of my current stock on hand!

It’s a great time to start thinking about your holiday projects for your upcoming craft bazaars or perhaps the holiday gifts you plan to make! Stop by my Etsy shop at and take a look around! See what you simply can’t live without! Stock up and Save!

Until next time folks, Happy Beading!


Stop By and See What’s New!


Hello Paper Bead Friends!

Hope your Spring season is off to a great start! Mine has been busy and is about to get even busier! I’m changing jobs in a week and will have even less time to devote to The Paper Bead Boutique, at least until I get use to my new schedule!

But in the meantime, I’ve been busy, busy, busy trying to stock my Etsy shop back up with new and fresh things for you! I have quite a few new paper bead kits in stock! So much color and variety to choose from! All include my paper bead tool! I’ve taken on a new size focal bead, a full inch in size and a much lower price of only $5 for the set of 3, instead of $6.50! Continuing to replenish my stock of tube beads as they have been really doing well this year! In case you’ve not seen them, I now carry a 1/2 tube bead as well! I call them my shorty tubes! Super cute!

So stop by when you have some time and check out all the new things I have to offer! And for the 1st time ever, I am offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on your order of $40 or more, now thru April 20th, 2019!

Hope to see you Soon! Until next time, Happy Beading!

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My 1st Video Ever!


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

We’ll I’ve done it! I made my 1st YouTube video! It’s far from perfect but I figured it out on my own with very little help from my tech savvy daughter!

So many of you have asked me for years if I had any videos! Although I wanted to, I didn’t know how…I decided it was time! Here is the link:

Now that I know what to do (to a point!) I will be learning more about making the video’s better and more complete so PLEASE, be patient with me! Follow my channel and look forward to more!

Until next time, Happy Beading!

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Donation Beads Underway!


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Some of you may remember that each year, I like to make a donation batch of beads and create beautiful handmade bracelets with them! I donate them to one of our local breast cancer centers for those that are going thru treatments, are a survivor or know of one, or just want a little inspiration to take good care of themselves! I put each bracelet in a pink organza bag with one of my business cards tied to it and display the bracelets in a little basket so they are easily noticeable and don’t take up a lot of counter space!

A conversation I had recently on Facebook really got me in the mood to begin my donation bead batch! So here’s what I have so far! Today is sealing day for these beauties! I have several more styles of paper I still need to cut, roll and seal before I can begin creating! It’s such a worth while project for me, so gratifying and something that’s dear to my heart!

Have you ever made your hobby, your love of paper beading¬† a donation project? I’ve heard so many say they have all these beads but don’t know what to do with them… Donating

is such a great idea and a way to pay it forward to those that need a pick me up! Consider it…It will make your heart feel good!

So it’s off to the sealing room! I will post again when all the beads are complete and we’re ready to begin creating beautiful pink jewelry!

Until next time, Happy Beading!

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