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Handmade Craft Bazaars…What Are Your Thoughts?

on November 27, 2022

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends! Hope all is well in your little corner of the world and you all are staying healthy!

This post is not necessarily about paper beads! It’s about handmade and I’d like to know your thoughts….

I participated in two local craft bazaars this season! I was super excited and had a good time but one thing has continued to eat at me through the last few seasons. So many direct sales and folks selling imported items have participated as well and I am wondering why? Why are the coordinators allowing direct sales and things that aren’t handmade/handcrafted into these shows? Now that’s nothing against those that sell Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc. I am a used of both, however, they are not handmade or hand crafted and I do believe a majority of folks that attend theses shows, attend because they come to find handmade, unique items that you can’t find on every corner. It saddens me that handmade is no longer the focus of these specialty shows anymore. Remember the days when these shows were juried and you had to be accepted once your items were viewed? I wish that the “Handmade” would be put back into these shows!

I’d like to know your thoughts! Please leave a comment and let me know if you participate in these shows and how you feel about non handmade participating!

Until next time, Happy Beading and don’t forget to stop by and check out what is new in my handmade paper bead site!

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