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So Excited to Share with You!!!

on March 9, 2022

Hello Paper Bead Friends!

Alot is going on right now! I’ve been doing alot of thinking lately regarding the changes that Etsy has made and the upcoming increases coming April 11th. I’ve been weighing my options, trying to decide what would be best for me regarding sticking with Etsy or just what to do…So I have decided…

I’ve opened my own website!!! I have a .com address now and couldn’t be happier! The website is up and running but PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME as I get everything moved over! I will probably continue to keep my Etsy shop open for another few months to grow my traffic, but I think it will all be worth it! Not to mention, things will be less expensive at the new

Please stop by when you have time and check it out! Help me spread the word! Eventually, my blog will also be moved to the new website but not right away! Thanks to all of you that have supported me over the years! I feel so great about this move, I can’t even tell you!!!

Until next time friends, Happy Beading!

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