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Ease the Boredom Sale!

on March 15, 2020

Avatar Sale

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Hope you all are faring well with everything going on in our world right now…My area has been hit very hard with the Corona virus and it doesn’t look like there is an end in site. We are doing our very best to stay safe, over washing, keeping our home clean and staying away from crowds in general. Most of you may know but if you don’t, my day job is a preschool teacher so you can imagine how busy my days are! Trying to keep my classroom clean and germ free is challenging with a group of 4 year olds! Not to mention, teaching them the importance of covering their coughs and sneezes! So when I have a quiet weekend to relax and recoup, I like to bead! It really is the only time I have to do so, since I am back working full time! And as many of you may have noticed, I don’t have near the amount of stock in my Etsy shop as I once did…Which makes me sad but I simply am spending every ounce of extra time I have beading and I certainly don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity, so…my new items are limited to weekend work.

I have a full weekend project ahead of me! I’ve had to arrange my in house studio quite quickly yesterday when we had a company come out and clean our air ducts. Here is a few pics of what my project looks like now:

Clearly not a one day project, but a project none the less! It’s always fun for me to go thru and clean things up, perge and reorganize! This is what I will be doing over the next couple of weekends! What are you working on while indoors?

If you are trying to stay indoors, my shop is offering a 25% discount when you spend $25 or more on any current stock in my Etsy shop! Feel free to stop on by and see what you can’t live without!

Until next time, Happy Beading and Stay Safe!


2 responses to “Ease the Boredom Sale!

  1. valleerose says:

    Great post Shannon. I sold outside yesterday and had a good day despite the chaos. My life I guess remains about the same except tutoring earlier since schools will be closed.

    • Good for you Vallee! That’s good to hear. Not so much concerned about my Etsy sales as I am my full time job. However since our schools are all closed and now our restuarants and bars, so many people out of work, there is a need for childcare…I’m ok for right now…

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