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Donation Beads Underway!

on March 9, 2019


Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Some of you may remember that each year, I like to make a donation batch of beads and create beautiful handmade bracelets with them! I donate them to one of our local breast cancer centers for those that are going thru treatments, are a survivor or know of one, or just want a little inspiration to take good care of themselves! I put each bracelet in a pink organza bag with one of my business cards tied to it and display the bracelets in a little basket so they are easily noticeable and don’t take up a lot of counter space!

A conversation I had recently on Facebook really got me in the mood to begin my donation bead batch! So here’s what I have so far! Today is sealing day for these beauties! I have several more styles of paper I still need to cut, roll and seal before I can begin creating! It’s such a worth while project for me, so gratifying and something that’s dear to my heart!

Have you ever made your hobby, your love of paper beading  a donation project? I’ve heard so many say they have all these beads but don’t know what to do with them… Donating

is such a great idea and a way to pay it forward to those that need a pick me up! Consider it…It will make your heart feel good!

So it’s off to the sealing room! I will post again when all the beads are complete and we’re ready to begin creating beautiful pink jewelry!

Until next time, Happy Beading!

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