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What type of Paper Do You Use?

on June 18, 2017

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends! I’ve recently been told that I don’t have enough of a selection of paper bead strips in my shop for beading so I decided this week, that was going to be my goal! I’ve been cutting like a mad woman! I think I now have a pretty nice variety! But as I’ve been cutting, it got me thinking…What does everyone else use to make their paper beads? There are sooooo many types of paper that can be used for beads, I really am curious what everyone else uses! My main source is scrapbook paper! I am always on the hunt for the newest, most colorful papers I can find! I’ve always been obsessed with scrapbook paper! The above pictures are two of my latest strips!

Other types of paper I like to dabble with are, wallpaper, tyvec paper, which is the paper your priority envelopes are made from! I love to make coiled paper beads from colorful napkins! I’ve even tried making my own designs on paper or handpainted paper in the past!

So what do you use? Do you use scrapbook paper? Do you prefer newspaper? Do you paint your beads? I’d love for you to share your preferences! Drop me a line or leave a comment! Until next time, Happy Beading!

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