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My First Attempt at Mixed Media!

on April 5, 2015

Good Morning Paper Bead Friends!

Happy Easter to those that celebrate! Happy Sunday to those that don’t!

As you know I’ve been in a creative rut lately and I think I have found a way out! I’m dabbling in something new that’s been an interest of mine for awhile! I’m giving mixed media a shot! Here are my first two attempts at the first two stages! What do you think?


I am not done with them as of yet… I plan to add to them and frame them as well! I think they look nice so far for my first try at it! Here is the second of the two! If you have ever tried mixed media, I’d love to hear from you! Any tips you have are welcome!


I know this isn’t a paper beading project but it is paper, right? Until next time, Happy Crafting!

6 responses to “My First Attempt at Mixed Media!

  1. You go girl! I’m loving the colors you used, great job!

  2. valleerose57 says:

    Awesome Shannon – you start to understand with mixed media that it is a journey and Carmen would say the same I believe – she is my inspiration as well. Can’t wait until I can paint again!

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