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Showing Our Seahawks Pride!

on January 10, 2015


Good Evening Paper Bead Friends!
Just wanted to share a picture with you of my daughter Caitlyn (on the left) and our Australian exchange student (on the right) showing their Seahawk Pride! Kayla has been with us since last Saturday night and will stay til Wednesday, when she will return home to Australia with her group! We have enjoyed her company so much and will miss her terribly when she returns home! She and Caitlyn are so much alike, it’s crazy! Both quiet and shy! She loves sports and wanted to see an American Football game while she was here so what better game to see than our 1st playoff game tomorrow night on our home field in Seattle??? I only wish we could watch the game live and in person but not possible to get tickets so watching on TV will have to do! As you can see, she’s sportin’ her Russell Wilson shirt ready to support our Seahawks! Until next time, Happy Beading! And…

2 responses to “Showing Our Seahawks Pride!

  1. valleerose57 says:

    Awesome – but hubby is a Cowboys fan. More seriously – they both look great – thanks for sharing.

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