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From My Studio Today…

on June 7, 2014

It’s a bit overcast this morning here in the Seattle area but I won’t let that get me down! I have big plans to have some “Me” time in the my studio today!  It’s suppost to be beautiful and sunny as the morning moves on so I plan to take my beading outside!

I have a great outside entrance to my studio with a small deck at the doorway. I’ve put a patio table and chairs out there for days just like this! I want to craft but don’t want to be inside, so I will set up my tray and bring it on outside to my deck and bead away! I will post a pic a bit later on when the weather changes and chores are done!

So what are your crafty plans today? What projects do you have planned? It’s hard to be inside when we have nice weather here because there seems to be so little of it, why waste it inside, right? I’d love to here about your project plans today! Can you take your space outside to work?

Let’s meet up later on today and I will share my outside studio photo’s with you! Have a great Saturday and Happy Beading!

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