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Breaking Gound!

on August 3, 2014


I have some excited news to share with all of you! My loving husband is breaking ground and having built for me, the craft studio I have always dreamed of having! Above is a photo of what the finished design will be, with a few minor changes! The other photo is my husband preparing the space for where my studio will go. Our big hold up now is getting with the contractor and having him commit to a time frame for installation. It’s a very busy time of the year for them so we just need to be able to pinpoint a time before we can proceed. Of course, I wanted it done yesterday!!! Meanwhile, I have been having sleepless nights, mentally trying to design my dream studio in my mind! I’ve always loved the Washington Coast so I think I will be going with somewhat of a beachy theme! I love all the natural light this studio will have! Any amazing dream come true for me! I will keep you posted on our progress…
Until then, Happy Beading!

2 responses to “Breaking Gound!

  1. I love that simple, sleek design. What direction will the windows face? Hubby looks like he is having a little too much fun on that tractor–but who can blame him? Toys!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog! The windows will be facing north, getting a bit of afternoon sun, which will be good so it won’t get to terribly warm…but I might appreciate that this winter!
      My husband always looks for an excuse to get on the tractor…this is a good one!

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